About us

REYES GARCIA ABOGADOS, S.C. is a bilingual law firm that provides legal advice to its clients, specializing in surety bonds law, construction law, commercial law, tax law and administrative law with the purpose of designing and implementing the necessary legal strategy to avoid legal contingencies or to seek the best solution for our client’s problems, while we contribute to increase the profitability of our clients and the generation of value for them.

We have years of experience in national and international legal transactions in English and Spanish and whether it is a litigation case or a transactional matter, REYES GARCIA ABOGADOS, S.C. always looks for the most profitable solution for our clients, since we act like true legal advisors, which has allowed us to gain their trust and loyalty.    


To be a bilingual and bicultural law firm in constant innovation with great experience in litigation that provides our clients with legal advice and legal solutions, specializing in surety bonds law, construction law, corporative law, commercial law, tax law, and administrative law, throughout the rendering of an effective service of exceptional quality, fully in accordance with the values of honesty, integrity, commitment, truth, effectiveness and a friendly treatment, using cutting edge technology to perform all of our activities bound to a socially responsible culture, that contributes to increase the profitability and the generation of value for our clients.   


To be a Law firm in constant innovation, trustworthy, recognized and consolidated in the north of Mexico specialized in surety bonds, construction law, corporate affairs as well as commercial litigation, tax litigation and administrative litigation that offers our clients an excellent service in different law areas, fully in accordance with the values of integrity, commitment and quality throughout legal advisory and effective legal solutions that will allow them to reach their corporate purpose and contribute to increase their profitability.


Integrity, Honesty, Effectiveness, Commitment, Personal Service and a kind treatment, Quickness, Quality, Tranquility and Constant Improvement.


Plaza Delphi, Suite 502, 5th. Level

Boulevard Antonio L. Rodríguez 3058,

Col. Santa María, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

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